Emperor of Spies

Like all neutral capitals in Europe, Stockholm became a natural hub for intelligence activities during the Second World War. One of the most active participants in the search for critical information was the Japanese Military Attaché, Makoto Onodera. In a limited edition of 100 numbered copies, Dr.C.G.McKay, an acknowledged expert on the history of intelligence activities in Northern Europe and the author of the now classical study From Information to Intrigue (Cass,London, 1993) and co-author with Bengt Beckman of Swedish Signal Intelligence 1900-1945 (Cass,London, 2003)has given a concise, stimulating and elegant account of Onodera’s “intelligence bourse” based on co-operation with other intelligence services some of which-like the services of Germany and Poland- were at war with one another. Based on archival sources in many countries and equally on McKay’s own knowledge gained through conversations and correspondence with a generation of intelligence officers now dead, his book entitled Emperor of Spies Onodera’s Wartime Network in Northern Europe, apart from being a book collector’s item of some value, deserves a place in the library of professional students of the history of intelligence. Individual copies cost £25 plus postage and can be ordered not later than September 1, 2020 and as long as the initial stock lasts, by sending an email to the UK printer handling distribution at suzy@spiegl.co.uk

Co-vid Update Due to the special difficulties raised by lock-down measures, Emperor of Spies is now available for download as an inexpensive Kindle e-book. Copies of the original printed book are still available for purchase from suzy@spiegl.co.uk

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